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Often, the same photo, you must have a different format. Printable used JPEG, for placement on the Internet - GIF
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17 November 2011

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This is a picture format converter.

PicJet Converter is a tool for converting images. Like the audio collection, in fact any kind of collection, you tend to collect things in multiple formats. Like audio is available in many formats, images are also available in many formats. Not all picture viewers handle all the formats. So you need a tool that can convert between these formats. BMP; GIF; JPG; PNG; TGA; TIF are some of the formats the program can handle. The batch mode tool can handle up to 10000 photos. All that is required is to simply select your photos, the format in which you want to transfer them to. The program converts the pictures quickly. The conversion does not create any distortion in the images being converted. The tool does not need any coding experience, whether HTML or any other specialization.

The work on the interface does not seem to be complete. On installation, most of the text is not translated properly and thus does not show up in the Windows environment. Only the image formats show up correctly. This definitely is not yet complete. Thus it is difficult to try out, unless you have the specific fonts installed in the machine. Apparently, it is in Romanian.

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PicJet Converter - tool for converting images
often the same photos to be in different formats. Printable used JPEG, for placement on the Internet - GIF, or PNG, to preserve without distortion - BMP or TIFF.PicJet Converter lets you quickly convert one or several photos from one format to another. The program supports all common image formats: BMP; GIF; JPG; PNG; TGA; TIF and can handle up to 10000 photos in automatic mode.
PicJet Converter is extremely easy to use program allows for a few minutes to convert hundreds of photos. Simply select your photos, select the format in which you want to transfer them to continue the program will do everything herself.
PicJet Converter
PicJet Converter
Version 2.0
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